“When I hit a wall of artistic paralysis I turn to John Turner. When I want to create a clown show after doing years of Shakespeare, I turn to John. When I am simply in the need of a refreshing perspective on the industry or a good laugh, I turn to John. Needless to say, all creatively exciting roads lead to John Turner.”

– Jani Lauzon

“I’m a believer in teaching to learn. In all teaching and creation situations it is important to establish a nurturing atmosphere that makes the studio or classroom location a safe space and inspires courageous exploration on the part of the student or creating artist.”

– John Turner

John has taught most aspects of theatre creation and performance but specializes in physical theatre, clown, comedy, mask, and movement from the introductory levels through advanced performance and creation techniques. John is a premier proponent of the Pochinko Technique of clown training and has taught over 10,000 hours and 1,000 students the introductory Mask and Clown Intensive also known as Pochinko Style Baby Clown and many more at the more advanced levels.

John’s students come from around the world and apart from the teaching he has done in his own studio he has taught at many universities, and private studios, on northern First Nations Reserves, at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto, and The Workman Theatre Project (CAMH). John’s students are primarily involved in the arts and include actors, directors, sculptors, dancers, singers, choreographers, writers, musicians, and painters but at the introductory level, people from all walks of life are invited to attend including doctors, psychotherapists, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, and more.

My Approach

Fun with the teachers at the Improtheaterfestival Würzburg, Germany

John with Steife-brise, Hamburg, Germany