Directing, Dramaturgy & Coaching

“John is not only a great performer, he has also been an incredible inspiration to us at Morro and Jasp as both a coach and champion. He manages to bring out the best in us no matter what we are working on, forcing us to think in ways we wouldn’t but at the same time allowing us to be ourselves. He is a rare force in the clown community and we are lucky to have played with him as many times as we have.”

– Byron Laviolette
Director, Morro and Jasp

“During the creation process anything attempted in artistic experimentation and exploration with sincere effort (do what you want, don’t hurt anybody) will be part of a perfect process, a process where a supportive attitude rules and judgement is encouraged to leave the room. Critical thought and editing come later on.”

– John Turner

John’s extensive experience in these categories is working with Creators/Performers who are developing and producing their own work. As a creator of his own professional work, his directing and coaching passion lies in this field. The approach he takes is one that is dedicated to primarily achieving the performer/creator’s vision of the piece rather than his own. 

“When working with an artist who has hired you to help, having financed the project and probably applied for the grant money, chosen and set up the production team, and generated the piece from their own heart’s desire, the only approach that makes sense is to apply myself to realizing their vision of the piece. Nothing is worse than seeing a creator/performer not enjoying their own work because a strong-minded “visionary” director has derailed the piece from the original vision onto their own track.” 

John has directed and coached development workshops and full production on dozens of shows. Most notably he has coached and collaborated on all of Karen Hines’ award-winning Pochsy Plays, having directed the third one “Citizen Pochsy”. Most recently he directed Justin Miller’s Pearle Harbour in “Distant Early Warning”. Prior to that he directed Jennifer Dallas’ dance/clown fusion pieces “Kittly-Bender” and “Known” as well as Christine Moynihan’s “Ethel” shows.